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We built our platform on a theory that your business can do more. We are creators of solutions that we know strengthen our customers' business through organization and efficiency. Our software is dialed to your needs and provides the most robust set of features from scheduling, to payments, to payroll, providing an all-in-one platform that allows never before seen control of your business


StoneWater was built through an understanding of the security industry. Numerous pilot projects and beta partners allowed us to fully understand the pain-points and build a solution that solves real world problems. We're not into eye-candy, we're into results for your business. We're here to help you do more for less

StoneWater in Numbers

> 5,000
Average shifts scheduled & billed per day
> 99.5%
System Uptime Per Year
> 3,000
Qualifications / security licenses managed
> 300
Work locations this month in the Greater Toronto Area alone


Understanding the roadblocks is critical in delivering a united solution that improves your staff's time, mitigates errors in scheduling, billing, and payments, and unites a singular, secure dashboard
StoneWater is battle tested and profitable - delivering a singular solution to a multi-level problem

An Intro to Security


Through a proven track record of increasing security guard companies margin up to 15% annually, we understand the challenges your staff face daily. StoneWater is a system designed to unite your staff and simplify your common workflow. The result, better overall profit for your company.

  • Manage Your Margins
  • Profile Your Customers
  • Maintain Guard Certifications

Case Study: Security Management


    The workforce was spread out over multiple locations and field reports were paper-based and brought to the office for billing each day. Staff were inadvertently scheduled to multiple jobs due to uncoordinated scheduling. This led to a host of billing inconsistencies and employee conflicts that not only led to lost revenue, but diminished work ethic through frustrated employees


    Planners were keeping track of pay and billing rates for 500+ security guards which tied up planners every day. Security staff were sometimes scheduled incorrectly leading to missed expectations with customers. In some cases, security staff were inadvertently scheduled to work multiple locations at the same time. Billing was based on Excel spreadsheets for dozens of customers, special projects, and events. As with any manual process, there was a large margin of error leaving revenue on the table


    StoneWater helped mitigate approximately 5% of $15M in annual lost revenue and service reductions due to missed billing and uncoordinated staff schedules for over 500+ security personnel


    Without an immediate change to the way the customer was handling their workflow and scheduling there was an increased risk that not only an estimated $750K per annum could be lost, but some critical staff may be misbooked, risking the loss of clients and company reputation. With StoneWater’s powerful workflow and dashboard tools, our security services customer was able to analyze security incidents by region, location, department, user, or any other variable, to spot trends and ensure staff and customer service remain coordinated. Accurate and comprehensive operational dashboards led to better security services. Using StoneWater's centralized scheduler, planners are alerted to conflicts in schedulers instantly across hundreds of guards. Individual schedules are now available, real-time, to all staff to avoid scheduling conflicts. What planners see, staff see - instantly. With schedules, rates, and customer information centralized, billing is now a one-step process and is always available for historical reference or audit purposes

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