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StoneWater helped our customer co-ordinate the efforts of 40+ field investigators to reduce time spent on field reporting and increase service delivery by approximately 25%. In return, the company saw increased revenue by increasing the caseload per investigator

Case Study: Investigative Services


    The company delivers multiple services to insurance, defense, and personal clients. These services range from missing persons, personal protection, and surveillance investigations. The workforce is primarily mobile and comes to the head office only to deliver and review final reports and investigative media (video, photos, interview audio, etc.) prior to customer submissions. Prior to StoneWater, all casework resided on stand-alone electronic files.


    Having stand-alone electronic files reduced collaboration between investigators, increased time spent per case including drive-times to deliver cases daily, and did not easily allow for cross-referencing/patterning across thousands of cases. For the company owner, the lack of mobile field reporting not only increased the per-case cost but ultimately challenged company growth. Without a mobile solution, the company’s growth was restricted as the demand exceeded capacity


    Using a true enterprise platform, you can expect greater collaboration between investigators, reduced effort on managing individual case files (paper or electronic), and improved customer case submissions and billing through on-line statements. Ultimately, StoneWater can assist you organization with growth potential by reducing your administrative footprint and improve the investigative process for your staff and your customers


    Without the implementation on StoneWater, the client was at risk of hitting a glass ceiling. Without significant investment to deploy a greater force, the company could not grow effectively. Instead, Stonewater increased asset efficiency by 25%, yielding a greater amount of casework and end client satisfaction through consistency and unparalleled case quality. With StoneWater’s fully integrated case management system, the company was able to have field investigators work in real-time where the action was – at the site of their investigations. This led to the efficiencies the company owner came to expect from StoneWater: An improved experience for investigators with a single entry system, improved access to electronic media, and fully referenceable cases for patterning and analysis. Overall, the company continues to meet its primary objectives of increased investigator capacity and improved customer deliverables through mobile, real-time case submissions and improved customer deliverables through on-line collaborative case reviews. Finally, billing and casework is now available to their customers through the StoneWater portal improving the overall customer billing/case submission experience and delivering cashflow more readily


StoneWater delivers the tools you need to effectively manage caseloads. StoneWater simplifies the challenge of restricting access to sensitive information and documenting every phase of an investigation to create a clear and comprehensive trail of activity. Once the investigation is complete, StoneWater saves time by automatically creating a template report of the findings - including a detailed listing of contacts, evidence, recommendations, and all degitical media.

  • Centralized case information
  • Store electronic and physical exhibits
  • Track and report case-related expenses
  • Generate investigation reports automatically

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