What to expect after signing up and getting started

The scenario below represents a generalized implementation. Typically the changes from this plan are based on two aspects: the training and readiness required for your staff and any technical integration with your existing systems. Those are two variables that will be considered as we get started

Implementation Timeline

Day 0 - Is StoneWater the right product for your organization?

After signup we'll work with you through our managed process to plan your rollout

+1 Day - Complete the initial company profile

On day 1 we'll work with you to complete the initial profile on the number of users, security set up, workflow requirements, and usage requirements

+2 Days - Configuration begins

We'll go through a configuration checklist for all implementation planning steps including feature by feature usage

# Feature Security
1 Operations Dashboard Your management users
2 Case Creation Your end users
3 Workflow Your supervisors and end users
4 Setup of approximately 50 features Security and set up for 50+ features

+3 Days - User set up

We will set up all your users and groups based on your organization's profile

+4 Days - Workflow and case set up

We will set up, by case type, your workflow so your business transactions and routing rules match your business flow

We supply out-of-the-box dropdown values for all screens in the system. We'll work with you to change our lookups to match your business language

+5 Days - Rollout strategy

Together we'll develop the rollout strategy that considers the extent of the organizational change, the number of users affected, and the amount of training and documentation required

+5 Days - Define training requirements

We'll figure out who your users and user groups are and what they need to get going. We supply a series of quick reference guides to accelerate training development

+6 Days to +8 Days - Develop training material and quick reference guides

Together we'll augment our quick reference and training material to match your user groups and their job-specific needs

+7 Days - Complete the initial configuration

All StoneWater features are set up for your organization, secured, and ready for verification

+9 Days - Implementation verification

By day 9 we rehearse the set up, scenarios, and management reporting. Most importantly, we verify that the user documentation matches the configuration. Once done, we're ready to go

+10 Days Onwards - Rollout and support phase

Implementation begins. The implementation timelines will vary depending on the number of users/groups to train, the number and geography of site locations, and extent of change from your current state. We'll help plan the rollout that best suits your organization and the amount of change your staff can support