Features at a Glance

StoneWater has over 50 features for you to enable as you grow

Expand your business based on the features you need


A “case” is any project, transaction, service or response that is “opened” and “closed” over a period of time to achieve resolution of a problem, claim, request, proposal, development or other complex activity. It is likely to involve multiple persons inside and outside of the organization, with varying relationships to each other, as well as multiple documents and messages


The case viewer consolidates all information in one powerful view

Notes, media attachments, addresses, case relationships, people relationships, and all other details are contained in one view for easy reference


Send all emails and media attachments to your case for good recordkeeping

Collaboration allows any of your staff to send emails and media attachments (images, documents, and all other eletronic media) to your case for reference or audit


Search all cases in one easy-to-use location

Search all cases and all detailed information from one search window. Results show exactly where in a case your term was found. Search terms are automatically saved for later reference and retrieval


Apply security, at an individual case level, to restrict or grant access to sensitive work

Inevitably, you will have claims, HR, investigative, and other work that you need to limit access to. You can set up default security for all types of cases and, with the right privilege, adjust access directly in the case viewer


Case configuration enables StoneWater to evolve with your organization

As you bring new processes on-line, the case configuration tool allows you to set up your processes without development


The scheduler included in your system can be used to track all staff schedules and job assignments. If you charge customers for services, you can set up your pay rates and bill rates as well


An easy-to-use schedule dashboard in a powerful viewer

All of your jobs, staff, and schedules are visible within one view to see who is scheduled to which jobs. Email schedules to staff directly from the scheduler to their mobile device


Set pay and billing rates for margin calculations (projected and actual)

For service-based companies, set up staff pay rates and job bill rates to track costs and margins


Avoid double-bookings and over-worked field staff

Setup your rules to warn when staff have overlapping assignments, have too little time between shifts, or are scheduled to work too many hours in a day


Reports are one click away

Generate billing and time reports directly from the scheduler in one click to verify time worked and generate backup for your invoices


One-click time and billing approvals

The approval queues list all schedules awaiting approval or require intervention. Once approved, all schedules are marked as ready for billing

Reporting & Analysis

StoneWater reports are a departure from traditional "hard copy" reports. Instead, we aim to make your reporting experience as interactive as possible. Your operational questions will change over time so your reporting must be flexible enough to evolve with you


On-line analytic tools give you instance performance knowledge

If your staff are familiar with tools like Microsoft PowerPivot or other BI tools, they will be right at home with StoneWater analytics. Their most familiar functions are available through a drag and drop interface to measure company performance


See your business graphically

Our map interface is designed to answer the question, "where does my business occur?". If your business is mobile, generate visual mapping reports of your geocoded information ranging from staff deployments, field reporting, and all other business transactions in StoneWater


See your company's workload at a glance

The activity dashboard gives you a single view of all cases, statuses, and user activity over a time period you select. See how well you are performing and make growth decisions based on real-time operational information


See your company's schedule history at a glance

The schedule dashboard gives you a single view of all schedule history including hours worked/paid, hours billed, margins, and future/planned work to help you estimate everything from cash flow to seasonal ebbs and flows

User Management

If your staff lists are required for operational purposes, unlock it. Use staff management capabilities of StoneWater to create a centralized place to keep track of all staff information

Turn employee lists into an operational asset by enabling features such sending broadcast SMS messages to staff cell phones


The user management feature consolidates all information about your staff into a single view

See all your staff information such as addresses, notes, and media directly from their profile


Qualifications management ensures professional accreditations are always up to date

Create qualifications appropriate to your organization and set up expiry dates to ensure you're warned as qualifications are near or past expiry


See all staff member activity from their profile

See a full history of an employee throughout their tenure with your company. See how they have grown, what work they excel at, and where there is room for growth


See a full view of billable time and work hours

The full scheduling and billing history, for an individual member, is available to give you full operational or audit backup


StoneWater uses role-based permissions to grant users access to over 50 features

Users in the system require role(s) so that they can perform their job functions ranging from creators, approvers, schedulers, etc. Using role-based security allows you to manage access for multiple users based on role(s) instead of managing each user individually

Workflow Management

Workflow can be viewed as a fundamental building block, combined with other parts of your organization's structure, to support your business activity, teams, and projects

In StoneWater, workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activities that you can configure well into the future to match your evolving business practices


Workflow configuration enables you to define specific workflow for every type of case

Whether they are operational, administrative, or HR related you can set up unique workflows for each unique department or business situation to ensure efficiency


Configure which people or groups of people are to take action on a case

Email alerts/triggers, turnaround times, and routing rules can be set up along each step of your workflow to ensure every applicable party is touched before any project or case can move along the workflow line


Your cases status is exactly that

A case status is no longer simply open or closed. Your case statuses will reflect where it is in workflow so you know exactly what the case status is. For example, an HR "new hire case" might have 7 steps in workflow as it passes through interview, approval, and eventually hire. The status of the case will always be where it stands in workflow

Order & Quote Management

Order and quote management is the administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services. StoneWater automates and streamlines order processing for your business


Track all sales orders and customers online

Setup an unlimited number of customers, work locations, and sales orders to track your opportunities real-time


Detail your work performed

Log details to track what work was performed, where, for how long, and what company assets where used to service the request


Manage all your fixed assets on-line

Catalogue and track your assets including asset usage and maintenance history. Easily view assets to see previously quoted prices by customer to help manage margins


Preparing the list of materials

Establish your list of materials and collaborate within the team to ensure the quote is team-approved prior to customer submission


Create and update your custom quote, order, and asset reports

A powerful on-line reporting tool gives you full control to manage the look and feel of your reports without the need for costly development