Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we're asked. If you don't find what you need, please send us a quick email and we'll be back to you shortly

An enterprise platform with limitless posibilities

  • Usages

    Education, Finance, Security, Government, Banking, Investigative, and Insurance are but a few applications of StoneWater

  • 100% Canadian Owned and Operated

    While we're a diverse team, we pride ourselves on being a solely owned and operated Canadian company

  • Massive Scalability

    With over 1M transactions logged, StoneWater is designed to scale as your business grows

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we're asked. If you don't find what you need, please send us a quick email and we'll be back to you shortly

How adaptable is it?

StoneWater was built from the ground up for adaptability. Routine tasks such as relabeling/adding fields or creating new on-line forms should not cost you money or expensive development time. Here are some of the tools you'll have to be self-sufficient:
  • Dynamic fields: You'll have the ability to add fields (i.e. dropdown lists, dates, etc.) on the fly. These fields become part of your reporting immediately
  • Case configuration: Add new business transactions quickly and securely
  • Workflow configuration: Add new routing rules between your staff as you bring more of your business online
  • Security configuration: Define an unlimited number of roles and limit case and workflow access accordingly
  • Form builder: Create online forms with no programming and make those forms available to your cases; your forms are also mobile enabled
Here are a few "under the hood" visuals so you can see the configuration tools in action...

How often is it enhanced?

StoneWater is a cloud-based system and there are no traditional desktop installations; "installations" are instant

We apply new enhancements every 2-4 weeks and release notes are available within the system so you always know what new features are available to you

How do I benefit from the StoneWater community?

StoneWater is built on the concept of a Community of Practice. As a single product that all customers share we effectively remove "custom code" and costly upgrade/migration issues

As no single organization can outpace the needs of the entire industry, investing in one common platform allows everyone to benefit from each other's experience and enhancements

It is through this process of collaboration and shared experiences that the platform is enhanced. These benefits are delivered frequently as the platform is enhanced every 2-4 weeks

What is the limit on users and media?

  • Number of users: no limit
  • Number of files: no limit
  • Number of transactions: no limit
As a pure cloud system, StoneWater is designed for massive scalability

How long does an implementation typically take?

As a cloud-based system no installation is required. It's ready for you

Rather, the implementation focuses on business configuration, training, and staff readiness

Read more to see what a generalized implementation lifecycle looks like...

How much does it cost?

StoneWater is priced like a utility. You pay for what you use each month - and there is no obligation for the first month

You can expect the cost to be significantly reduced from other products who offer "traditional" applications and upfront/one-time licensing fees. As a cloud offering, we're typically priced around 50% of competing products

What you won't have to pay for are servers, server software, and other infrastructure. We've got that covered and it's included in your monthly subscription

Pricing is based on a number of factors such as training requirements, configuration support, monthly usage, and so on

We'll be happy to put an estimate together for you on what your exepected monthly subscription will cost you. And we guarantee there will be no sticker shock

Supply us with some details using "Need more information" form on this page and we'll get back to you right away.

How secure is it?

The security foundation began with Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) in mind; any field that is considered private uses strong encryption. Still, our encryption goes beyond personal identifiers such as names and addresses. We encrypt field notes, dynamic fields, and all fields where you can enter private information as free text. Every layer of StoneWater is encrypted as follows:

  • Strong Database Encryption: Data stored in the database uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). AES is the same standard used by the NSA and the US government. Here's what we mean. The following are actual addresses stored in the database to show an example of strong encryption:


  • SSL: Browser security is delivered through 2048b encryption
  • 2 Factor Authentication: You may want to restrict some users to use 2FA to authenticate. This is especially true for mobile users. 2FA can be applied at an individual user-level requiring them to sign-on using a combination of their StoneWater account and a one-time security code sent to their mobile device
  • Single Sign-On: StoneWater integrates with your SSO technology such as Kerberos
  • Script Injections: StoneWater looks for script injections. That is, if there's a virus on a desktop that looks to alter one of our pages, StoneWater will not allow the user to continue
Read more about our system security features...