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StoneWater simplifies the process of managing your business, gives you the reports you need to analyze results, and demonstrate trends to avoid loss

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Connecting business resources with access
anywhere & any time

StoneWater provides an all-in-one platform for daily operations for small and medium businesses

If your staff are wanting to streamline any aspect of workflow, transaction/case management, resource scheduling, and order management operations, it might be time for StoneWater

StoneWater has over 50 features for you to enable as you grow

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Case Management

StoneWater consolidates all your transactions in one easy view. The transactions StoneWater facilitates for you are limitless and range from investigative cases, HR / new hires, requests for work (intakes/work orders), and any other business-specific transaction

Scheduling and Billing Management

StoneWater brings together all your customers, work locations, pay rates, and billing rates to solve your most complex scheduling situations

Order Management

Coupled with your parts/assets, StoneWater manages your quotes, work orders, invoices, and finance reports in one comprehensive view

Staff, Customer, and Job Management

StoneWater enables you to create an online employee file ranging from tombstone information to more involved knowledge about your staff such as qualifications, multi-media attachments, and work visas

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StoneWater in Numbers

3.75hrs of unplanned outages over the past 12 months
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Benefits of StoneWater

StoneWater is a fast-growing software company delivering relevant solutions for our customers. You can expect the following immediate benefits:

  • Low one-time and total cost of ownership using a "pay as you go" pricing model
  • Easy adoption for your users thanks to the flexibility of a modern and resposive interface
  • A seamless online, document, and email collaboration environment
  • Pre-built reporting and analytics functionality for efficient management
  • Industry Experts. StoneWater has extensive domain expertise ranging from SMBs to large-scale global implementations across multiple industries
  • Highly secure & mobile ready

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